Motiv8ion Dance Studio

I have been a huge fan of Alex “TinyB” Benavidez ((Founder/Director of Texas Lonestars/Singer/Dancer) for years and when I discovered her and her best friend Mary Onuoha (Founder/Dancer/Business Owner) founded and directed M8 I told my husband we are enrolling our daughter ASAP and I would be willing to drive to Mansfield, Texas each week because I knew instantly this would be the perfect starting point for Marissa to learn Cheer and Dance! We joined in late September 2021 and we just concluded our season this past Saturday. When I tell you the huge impact Ms. Alex, Mrs. Mary, and Ms. Lexis “Lexi” (Dallas Fly Girl) made on my daughter and my family I knew the world wide web needed to know about this studio and the positive impact they make on each student. Their first recital had well over 500 people in attendance and over sixty performances! I was in amazement of the variety of styles and ages and even the addition of “boys/men” in the recital as well.

This summer we have Marissa enrolled for their Summer Camp and I can’t express enough how everyone needs to check this studio out! I mean just look how happy and confident she looks. Marissa went from being extremely shy to being on stage with 500 people watching her! Her confidence has blossomed because of M8 studio and I am forever grateful to Ms. Alex, Mrs. Mary, and Ms. Lexis!

*I was not paid to endorse this company nor do I have copyrights for company's logo or photos*

Health and Fitness ~ High 5 Nutrition

This week I had the pleasure of attending High 5 Nutrition fit camp and I have to say the owner Aaron and assistant fit camp coach Devonte provided one of the best workout regimens! But that wasn’t the only great thing! At the end of the work out they sell nutritional shakes and teas that are to die for!!! So delicious!

Two years ago I was a member of CG and this camp is of course amazing and I thought I would never find one that could measure up to CG! But my oh my was I wrong! Plus High 5 Nutrition offers camp at 7 PM which works out better for me because all of my other hats I wear throughout the day are over by 7 PM!

I had not worked out this hard since pre-pregnancy and the days after my legs, abs, and arms felt the hard work I had invested at fit camp! Sure was I the last one every time coming around the laps and burpees! Yes but I was so ignited about High 5 Nutrition’s fit camp that I was able to let my embarrassment roll off just like the sweat coming out of every pore in my body!

I don’t even live close to their facility, but the work out regimen and team building from the other attendees made it all worthwhile!

Did I think, “Oh my goodness I can’t do another lap!” You bet you I did!

Did I think, “Oh my goodness a 5 second break I need more like 5 minutes!” I did and my heart did too.

But when I drove home and awoke the next morning I felt alive and proud that I had stayed the whole HOUR!

Give it a try! I loved the Pina Loca tea drink and coconut shake after my work out!

High 5 Nutrition, 206 Small Hill Rd, Grand Prairie, Texas
*I was not paid to endorse this company nor do I have copyrights for company's logo or photos

She’s my Angel

She’s mommy’s angel

Her angelic hands are so soft and gentle this must be what an angel wing feels like,

At night

She seeks me

She touches my face

She kisses each cheek

I watch her sleep

Ever so peacefully

She’s my angel

She’s mommy’s baby girl

The way she breaths is so silent and calm

I can’t help but beam

with praise to the GOOD LORD

for BLESSING me with this angelic little girl

There is an angel present in the room

No other, but Mommy’s Angel

Mommy’s baby girl

~Written by Clairessa Cruz 

How to stay on track with my 2019 resolution..

It’s a new year and new resolutions.  For me it’s about eating healthy and making smarter snack choices.  This morning I was proud of myself for making a smoothie with frozen fruit and actually did not snack on anything else until lunch time. This is when I feel the triggers of wanting something sweet and salty! This crave especially kick in and during meetings and conferences! My inner voice screams at me, “I want more candy and something to snack on!”

What do you do to keep focus on your resolution when temptations is around the work place environment and the daily commute of drive-thru windows trigger an inner voice that says, “Come On you have time. Come Order Something!” Leave me a comment and ideas on how to stay on track 🙂

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